Light a Luminary

A Luminary isn’t just a bag with a candle in it, Luminaries are a way to raise awareness for people who aren’t able to be home for the holidays.

This year, you have two ways to bring light during a dark time for Ronald McDonald House families:

Light Up The House: Sponsor a luminary to be lit at the Ronald McDonald House in honor or memory of a loved one! For $10, we will decorate and light your luminary at the House for our families and community to enjoy. This option is perfect for those that won’t be able to light luminaries at their own home.

Light Up Your Neighborhood: A Luminary Kit consists of 10 white bags, 10 candles, and enough sand to fill each bag. Kits cost $20 which helps support a family for two nights. We recommend buying at least 2 Luminary Kits to light up your driveway appropriately! We ask that you light your luminaries in widespread support of the families at the RMH on Sunday, December 24th.

By supporting Light a Luminary and lighting up your streets or the House, you are not only spreading awareness for those who cannot be home for the holidays, but you will also be donating funds to directly support the families at the RMH in Greenville, NC.

Want to become a neighborhood captain? Please fill out this form to let us know!



Light a Luminary Flyer

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