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Pop Tab Program

Helping others can be so rewarding.

Did you know RMHC of Eastern NC collects pop tabs?

The pop tab by itself does not mean much, however, when collected, pop tabs add up to become a valuable donation to RMHC-ENC. This idea of ‘pulling’ together for a charitable cause is the core value of this program. Aluminum pop tabs can be donated directly to RMHC-ENC or as a donation of the reimbursement of the recycling center.

How does it work?
We collect aluminum pop tabs from any container (soda can, soup, pet food, etc.) and work with a local recycler to turn those tabs into money to provide for our families!

Why do you only collect the tab?
Tabs are easier to store than whole cans in our limited space. Also, tabs are more sanitary than the entire can, which is important in keeping our facility clean and healthy for our guests.

How much do you receive for the tabs?
After the tabs are collected, staff loads up large amounts to take to our local recycler, where they are weighed to determine their value (values can vary significantly). The recycling center then gives us a check for the total value.

How do I collect the tabs?
You can download a Pop Tab label to paste on your container here. Use boxes, coffee cans or large plastic jars with wide openings to store pop tabs in.

How do I promote the program at my school, company, or organization?
You can download this flyer to print and distribute to your community, school, or colleagues about our pop tab program!

Where do I bring my tabs once I’ve collected them?
We always recommend bringing them directly to the Ronald McDonald House. Donations are accepted daily between the hours of 7am – 11pm. We would love to give you a tour of our House and take some pictures of your donation to post on our social media pages, too!

Or recycle them and send the proceeds to us. We recommend:
Hardee’s Recycling
211 Pactolus HWY
Greenville, NC 27834

Not located in or near Greenville, North Carolina?
Find the closest Ronald McDonald House to you by searching here: RMHC – Find a Chapter

Questions or looking for someone to come speak to your group about pop tabs?
Contact Caleb at (252) 847-5435 or Caleb@rmhcenc.org

Pop Tab Fun Facts:

We receive an average of .35 per lb.
Each pound is about 1,273 pop tabs.
A gallon size bag of pop tabs equates to about 1 lb.