A Message from our Executive Director

We made it to the fall of 2021! These last two years have been a time like no other in our lives. The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to produce uncertainty, stress, and trauma in our communities. We have all been impacted by this virus, which has been devastating for so many.

Despite the challenges we are continuing to face, we have seen the amazing power of positivity, kindness, and resilience from our families, team members, and giving partners. Through these challenges, we have worked together to focus on what matters most to us as a team. With that being said, I am very proud and excited to announce that we have implemented some core guiding principles throughout our organization to show what is at our core and what we value as a whole.  We have chosen to display these values in the form of an anagram using the works HEARTS.

H- Heart- leading with compassion and heart

E- Excellence- striving for excellence

A-Authentic- being authentic and transparent

R- Respect- treating everyone with respect

T- Together- together, we put our family first

S- Serve- having a passion to serve

As we approach the year-end and this year’s season of giving, we want to let you know we are all in this together. As we continue to persevere through 2021, we hope you will join us in giving the gift of togetherness for our families during this Holiday season. Every single bit helps us continue to see our mission thrive. For our families that are unable to be with all their loved ones during the Holidays, your continued support means the world.

We will continue to find strength through our giving ambassadors, our people, and most importantly, the children and families that bring us Hope each and every day.

From our Homes to yours, thank you for all you are doing to make a difference and for the unwavering support and care that you provide for the families we serve.

With love, respect and gratitude,

Meghan Woolard
Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern North Carolina